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News and Rumors
Injuries / Returns
Judgement Day
Raw Spotlight Batista
Trivia Contest

WWE Champion
John Cena
United States Champion
Orlando Jordan
Cruiserweight Champion
Paul London
Tag Team Champions
MNM (Joey Mercury & Johny Nitro)

Matches Results
WWE Championship Series Match
Big Show vs. Booker T (No Contest, Double DQ)
Matt Morgan defeated Hometown Wrestler
Booker T & Big Show defeated Kurt Angle & JBL
Tag Team Championships
MNM defeated Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio
Champion vs. Champion
John Cena defeated Orlando Jordan

JBL and Kurt Angle's Plan Backfires!

JBL and Kurt Angle came to ring-side to commentate along with Tazz and Michael Cole while the next WWE Championship Series match was taking place between Big Show and Booker T. Towards the end of the match, JBL and Kurt Angle interfered in the match causing the referee to call a double disqualification. Kurt Angle and JBL figured that a double DQ would mean it would be only them facing each other for the WWE title show. Well, not quite. General Manager Teddy Long made his way out to announce that this was far from over, and that next week in the UK, Big Show and Booker T will be re-enstated in the WWE Championship Series making it a Fatal 4-Way match for next week on Smackdown! for a show at Cena's WWE title. Later in the show, Angle and JBL lost a tag team match to Booker T and Big Show when Angle decided to walk out on his partner at a crucial moment.

Heidenreich Beats Down Brooklyn Brawler
The Brooklyn Brawler also made an appearance, sharing the ring with Heidenreich. Heidenreich read a poem and declared the Brawler his friend. But the Brawler insulted his work and then revealed a Red Sox shirt under his Yankees shirt. To the New York’s crowd delight, Heidenreich denounced the friendship and pounded the Brawler.

MNM Debuts to Win Tag Team Championships

SmackDown! also crowned new WWE Tag Team Champions as newcomers MNM stunned Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. Earlier, MNM vandalized Latino Heat’s lowrider to trigger his anger and force the match. And while Eddie and Rey seemed to be in control late in the action, Melina threw herself on Joey Mercury to stop the 619 and then distracted Eddie outside the ring. Back in the ring, Johnny Nitro punched Mysterio and then both Nitro and Mercury connected with their devastating finisher to pick up the win.

After the match, a frustrated Guerrero pushed Mysterio to the mat and a disgusted Mysterio quickly returned the favor.

Matt Morgan Has Arrived!
Newcomer Matt Morgan dominated Smackdown! by destroying New York's own hometown wrestler. He does seem to have a stuttering problem, but makes up for it in size, and in strength.

Champion vs. Champion Match
WWE Champion John Cena and United States Champion Orlando Jordan battled in a Champion vs. Champion match in the main event on Smackdown! With short interference by The Bashams, and ilegal use of the US title, John Cena was still able to pull a win giving the FU to Jordan in the middle of the ring.

The new May issue of Smackdown! magazine is now on sale with Rey Mysterio featured on the cover. Magazine includes; Diva Shoot sneak peak, Complete and full results for No Way Out, Scotty 2 Hotty's scare, Carlito rise to "coolness," and a section on Rey Mysterio.
Just minutes after Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero patched things up, they lost their Tag Team titles to new tag team MNM.
On their first match on Smackdown!, MNM beat Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio to become the new Tag Team Champions.
April 28, 2005 Smackdown! Preview
What will happen when Smackdown! heads to the United Kingdom? After losing the Tag Team titles to MNM, what will happen next between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio? Could a friendly competative match from Wrestlemania 21, lead to a hateful re-match?
Also, the loyal WWE fans in Birmingham, England will be part of a huge match as a Fatal 4-way match takes place involcing Big Show, JBL, Kurt Angle, and Booker T. Who will be the first to face John Cena for the WWE Championship, find out this Thursday.
Tune in to Smackdown! on UPN at 8 / 7 CT

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